Saving Lives by Using his Humvee as a Battlefield Ambulance
Posted by Great Americans Blogger on September 19, 2011

Sergeant First Class Robert Groff typifies the men and women whose stories Great Americans was created to celebrate.  A soft-spoken hero from a small town in the Midwest, Sergeant Groff received the Bronze Star with Valor for turning his own Humvee into an ambulance and saving eight lives during a highly organized ambush by over 250 insurgents on a 2 mile long fuel convoy carrying 100,000 gallons of fuel in Iraq.  Sergeant Groff fought off insurgents as he and his crew rescued one victim after another amid burning fuel trucks and a hail of fire from a vastly larger opposing force.  Thanks to his bravery, no American civilians or soldiers lost their lives in one of the worst ambushes of the war.

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